Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quick Post

Ok... I promised myself that I wouldn't go so long in between posting, and I guess the important part of that all is that even when I'm sleepy and falling asleep on the couch, a quick post is better than no post!!

We had our presentation today for our district and state. I was so nervous but it went wonderfully!! We had created (over the past exhausting weeks) three tri-fold boards with our data for Reading, Writing and Math and then we presented to a group of our peers and our evaluate-ers! We received really wonderful remarks about our work on the boards and our presentation, which is awesome!

Not too bad for my first year on School Improvement!!

Tomorrow, I'm off again for a Numeracy conference. I am thrilled to have this opportunity because I am *TOTALLY* in love with math. I cannot wait to share some things with you about what I learn!

Currently, our district (and most neighboring districts) is using Everyday Math. But we're finding a lot of lessons that don't apply to common core, and also a few common core standards that aren't taught (or aren't taught very well) in our curriculum. I have been doing a lot of supplementing! 

[If you teach second grade, make sure to check out my TPT store- all free unit reviews for our math curriculum]

Anywho.. excited to learn about more ways to supplement my math program! I am currently developing my math journals (and math workshop program) for next year!!

Happy Wednesday :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paging Mrs. Olson....

Ok. I'm still here... these past few weeks have been so incredibly jammed packed (and a bit overwhelming) so unfortunately the things that suffered were blogging, working out and sleeping... great plan, huh? I don't know who's still out there but my stats say that I've had a few visitors over the past weeks when I've been "gone", so I know you haven't given up on me!!

I'm on School Improvement and we've been preparing for a data presentation - so that's been... well, I would have really enjoyed doing it, if I wasn't trying to teach and plan simultaneously. That's on Wednesday, and I'm a little nervous because I'm part of a four-teacher crew doing a 30 minute presentation to our peers in the district and geez, can you believe it, but I'm not a fan of public speaking?!?! :) 

I feel so lucky to have been able to meet the WONDERFUL Debbie Miller - if you haven't read her book (Reading with Meaning), DO IT! She gave a fantastic presentation, and I was just in awe the entire day... Truly one of those PDs that changed me as a teacher. The following day, I revamped my Reader's Workshop, hopefully I can post on that sometime soon...!

This week is a big week for conferences!! I am going to the Numeracy Consultants Workshop in Troy (any Michiganders out there going to this one?? I am truly excited to go to some MATH Pd :) I <3 Math!

AND next weekend, I am going to MRA!!!!!! As a second year teacher, I just know it's going to be an incredible experience (that I am really lucky to attend). I KNOW some of you fab Michigan teachers will be there! I would love, love, love to meet some of you! Please contact me if you'll be in Grand Rapids for MRA - what a great networking opportunity too! 

Ok.. this was kind of a boring post, but at least it's a post!! :) Have a great weekend, I'll try to post again SOON!