Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bathroom Expectations?!

WOW! Have I been away for a while, or what? Life sure got busy there, but I did miss blogging. I’ve been checking in on all of your blogs during my absence.

I am here for some help. We are really struggling in our second grade hallway with bathroom expectations. Each of the three teachers has a pass for girls and a pass for boys, and we are all SO conscious of who’s going when… BUT all of a sudden, so-and-so will have an emergency and HAVE TO USE IT! Or we’re busy tending to some other classroom issue when so-and-so asks and gets permission when someone else is already out. Some how, every day, it happens. The kids escape to the bathroom, there is someone drawing on the stall, there is someone peeking at someone else, there is mass chaos.

I am begging for you best ideas about bathroom management. We have three girls stalls and two for boys, so really just enough for one from each class. What can we do??!!