Monday, August 1, 2016

Classroom seating!!

I am SO excited for some big changes in my classroom this year! We am going to be doing flexible, alternative seating. I tried out some ideas last year, and it worked so well with my kiddos, that I'm jumping in with both feet!

My students do not start until after Labor Day so I've got a ton of time, but I have been shopping around and pinterest-ing all summer to find some really cool stuff for my students.

I'll do a classroom reveal once it's all ready but here are some things that I am just too excited about that I have to share.

Last year, I crammed 32 desks into my room. Now my room is a decent size, but when you add in all the STUFF that we need for learning there is no space for 32 desks and chairs (not to mention a meeting space, guided reading table, library, coat rack, etc, etc, etc...?). This year, I'm using tables!! I've got six student tables, plus a four "islands". I've found that some students *need* an island every now and again!

Each day, my students will come in and choose a seat. There are a ton of different options, my hope is that they learn what kind of seat really works for them!! At the beginning of the year, I'll have their name tag in a spot each morning, this way they get a chance to try out all the different seats at all the different tables. It's a lot of teaching procedures and expectations, but SO worth it!!

Below is a breakdown of how my tables will work...

One table is a long dining room table that the legs have been shortened on. It will fit six students in regular chairs.

One table will be lowered almost all the way. Students will sit on wobble stools (These are sooo cool - wobble stool) or an upside-down crate with a pillow on top. The wobble stools are on loan from my district. They are pricey but so worth it. I've heard a lot of teachers get these with grant money!!

One table will be lowered most of the way and six students will sit on balls! I have been looking for cheap exercise balls, but they are so pricey. I found some very cheap, perfectly sized balls at Walmart. I'm going to try these out before I invest too much money into this idea!

One table is raised higher. It is our stand-up table. Students who want to stand while they work can go here. Only about 4 kids fit at this table.

The last two tables are so cool. I took extendable part of the leg off completely and covered the part that remains with a tennis ball. Students who want to sit here can sit on a cushion (very cool fruit cushions from 5 Below) or a Dollar Tree placemat (basically a place-marker for their bottom).


The other thing that I've found (for kiddos that need to move) is an exercise band tied around the chair legs. I found this long 6' one for $5 at Walmart, but cut it in two pieces! So two "Foot Bands" for $2.50 a piece, not bad!!


What are your great classroom seating ideas?? Are you trying out flexible seating this year, or have you done it in the past? Any advice? :)  I love comments!!

**Tomorrow I'll post about how I plan to hold students accountable for their seat choice!**

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