Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday, WHAT?!

OK! So this blogging thing was a lot easier when I was on winter break!! hehe 

Monday, I started back with my kiddos - LOVE them! We've been doing a ton of Whole Brain Teaching methods, since we needed the procedure reminders anyway. The kids really love it!! We do a lot of "Mirror" and a lot of "clap, clap, TEACH". These little changes make teaching a whole different ball game! If you haven't gotten the chance to look into WBT, take a few minutes and check out the abundant supply of YouTube videos. Real classes, real students, real teaching :) 

I started the school year using those colored "Zone" cards for behavior management in my classroom. After meeting my *awesome* teaching partner (Lisa @ Made In The Shade) and seeing her method, I quickly changed to a zone clip chart - students all start on green but move down (OR UP - that's the change) depending on their behavior. 
Anywho- I revamped my Think Sheet and also added in a Record page. My record page is for the student (no, I have plenty more than one student) who makes a negative choice and has to move his clip down the chart. They now need to record info like Name, Time and Zone Color, as well as the negative behavior choice that was made. Here's some pictures :)

Here's my zone chart area - you can see the clips on my chart (each clip has a number that corresponds to a student). Also each time the student reaches PINK, the top zone color, I put a gem on the clip. This is a bbbbbbig motivator!

The Reason poster is taped up on the book shelf and the clip board on the desk is the Record Sheet.

I also keep a stack of Think Sheets for those students who land on orange.  

Here's an up-close view of my Zone Change Reasons. Students can pick a behavior from the poster or write out their own. Having this available makes the process go a bit quicker!

I've also attached the files below in case you want to check them out :) 

That's all for now :) Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!!


  1. I totally agree that blogging was much easier during break. Now I feel like I have not time to do anything!

  2. I love the colored chart like that where kids can actually move UP! I do something very similar if you want to check it out! Here's the link: Clip chart.

    I also agree about blogging and breaks... I've found very little time this week. I've abandoned my husband tonight so I can back-blog stalk and get some posts scheduled for the next few days!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

  3. Love the think sheet! Such kiddo friendly language and how cool your teaching partner blogs too. I doubt my coworkers even know what a blog is. They are way, way, way older than myself. ;)
    Stories From Second

  4. HAHA :) I {heart} you, thanks for throwing me in there :) I am STILL laughing about the "stomping" picture :)

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade