Sunday, January 15, 2012

What's your teaching philosophy?

Hey there! I am super psyched for the long weekend, especially now that I've wasted a WHOLE day on an awful migraine... don't know if you have ever had one, but they are pretty terrible. My sweet cat, Megatron, cuddled with me in bed, which made it a tiny bit better, but now it's 11:30(PM!!), my migraine has finally dissipated and I haven't done a single thing all day. 

Thankfully, my hubby bought a new video game today (I never thought those words would EVER come from me), so he hasn't minded that we've skipped everything we had planned for today. 

A couple days ago, Christina Bainbridge  posted about her teaching beliefs in her blog Mrs. Bainbridge's Class.

That really got me thinking! In college, we were asked to create a teaching philosophy.. of course that was before ANY classroom experience! I have found that many of those things I thought were so important to a classroom, are still important to me today! 

Here's my philosophy (word for word) as written in my fourth year of undergraduate:

By creating a safe and supportive learning environment and working with students on an individual basis to develop a personal learning plan which fits each student’s specific needs, my students will be able to express their passion and creativity for learning and explore their curiosity through inquiry. 

So as I look at my current teaching beliefs, I've pulled from the above philosophy, other teacher's ideas, and my current 2nd graders! I plan to post these just inside the entrance to my classroom! Please comment, let me know what you think about my beliefs, and tell me about your beliefs!!

1. Everyone can learn (and has the right to learn).
2. Asking for help is a responsible choice.
3. Students are teachers, too.
4. It's okay to make a mistake, as long as you learn how to fix it.
5. Everyone is different and needs different things.
6. To have high expectations for yourself, means you care about your future.

That's where I am for now... I don't know if I will add more, but I'm sure these ones will change (in wording at least) a few times before I print, mount and laminate :) 

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!! 

OH AND YAHOOOOOO  - 50 + followers!! How awesome is that?? In just ten days, too! You all are just wonderful :) 


  1. Love #6.

    Congratulations on 51 followers! Whoo hoo!!!

    Teaching in Room 6

  2. Amanda, this is fantastic, i will be writing my final (4th) year Prac teaching philosophy, i think these goals are real and true. I think they are fantastic!

    Congrats on 51 followers! Your blog is great (:


  3. Glad your migraine is gone! Congrats on the followers and your beliefs look great! =)
    JenniferFirst Grade Blue SKies

  4. yay! Congrats on the followers. You have an awesome blog! (I myself am a new follower!) I just graduated may last year and my philosophy was a page long..but it was so hard to condense all I thought! I think one thing that's very important is a 3 way communication between student, parent and teacher. No matter what grade level, everyone should be involved in the well being of the student in order for him/her to succeed. :)

  5. Your beliefs are GREAT! It was really good for me to think about them and get them on paper and I think sharing them with others will be great for helping me be sure I'm aligning my classroom practices with them at all times!

    It's amazing how, in undergrad work, we have to write teaching beliefs without ever having taught before! I think it's great that you re-evaluated yours too!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

    PS- Congrats on the 50 followers! :)

  6. I HATE migraines..I get them too! :( Great post on your teaching philosopy. I think its so important to re evaluate this and hold true to what you believe. I'm your newest follower! Come check me out and enter my giveaway!

    Growing Up Teaching

  7. Sorry about the migraine but glad you are feeling better. It is a good thing for all of us to once in a while revisit what our teaching philosophy is and be sure that we are being true to it. Congrats on (over now) 50 followers!

  8. I particularly love #6: "To have high expectations for yourself, means you care about your future." I think I'm going to have to put this quote on my wall! Thanks for sharing!